Viridis server is “…a serious threat to x86 server domination” – ExtremeTech

ExtremeTech have followed up on the Boston Viridis review posted on AnandTech a couple of days ago calling the Viridis and Calxeda ARM server a serious threat to x86 domination.

“After seeing the performance figures, I agree. There’s a place for ARM products in the datacenter”

“ARM server shipments will be fractional for the next few years, but this is the biggest potential challenge to x86′s server monopoly in well over a decade”

Calxeda’s first ARM server is a serious threat to x86 server domination

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ARM-as-a-Service (for software migration to ARM)

Boston Ltd have recently announced the availability of their ARM-as-a-Service cloud. This cloud enabled dedicated remote access to preconfigured systems with an array of tutorials and videos on how to use porting and tracing tools from Ellexus (Breeze)


The service is geared towards users/companies interesting in porting their software to the ARM architecture and Boston offer a wide range of professional services are this cloud offering to train people up on using the tools efficiently.


Contact Boston Cloud Sales to arrange a call with a cloud consultant.

Read the full release here