Power Tests (130w for 24 Nodes)

We’ve been busy working on optimising the power draw on our product, improving airflow, tweaking low level system settings, playing with PSUs and exhaustively programming fanspeeds..  Now it’s time for some real world tests, measured “at the wall”!

System used for the tests:

  • Boston Viridis with 24 nodes (6 energy cards)
  • 24x 256GB SSD drives
  • 4GB Ram per node (96GB in total)

Test conditions:

We ran the tests over a 30 minute period, taking results after 15 minutes at 1 minutes intervals. The results were averaged across this period of time and the power measurements were recorded on a Rohde & Schwarz HAMEG HM8115-2


These are some excellent results and really show what our solution is capable of running some real world workloads. Just to put this in perspective, a standard x86 dual socket server can run anywhere up to 350w! Our 24 node configuration is roughly equivalent to a standard low power dual socket x86 system (with regards to power consumption).

Update: Further evidence of the power consumption figures above from our friends at calxeda: